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Built on strong foundations of trust, friendship and integrity DMH (Digital Media Hub) is dedicated to exceeding client expectation. In the delivering of this success we are also dedicated to the success of our employees and our community. Our business success revolves around over delivering to our clients and thats why we have engaged the services Dr Amin Ansari (PhD in digital communication from flinders university). Furthermore we have evolved as a leader through performance. David Ferrier, the owner of DMH, developed his training company and professional speaking career from building and ranking high level web pages for his businesses in 2012.

We are proud to shout out to Australia that we are now a market leader in SEO (search engine optimization) and web design.The growth of DMH has now enabled us to partner with companies throughout Australia and we are now a National company.


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DMH partners with companies that are looking at dominating there industry through high level SEO. Our transparent monthly reporting and our unwavering desire to exceed client expectations enable us to powerfully stand out from the crowd.


Integrity comes in 2 forms for DMH. Personal integrity allows us to be powerful to ourselves. When we say we will do something to ourselves we strive to do it. Client integrity relatives to doing what we say we will do and even exceeding on our deliverables. Going beyond the call of duty for our clients is common place at DMH.

In action and innovation

Innovation is paramount in the world of mobile phone technology and at DMH we actively keep abreast of these changes. Moreover is the skill set to take decisive action to implement these changes into ‘client strategies’. ‘Behind the scenes’ is a term we use at DMH. This means that we evolve with changes and updates that are implemented without the client even being aware of them. Clients want results through best practice SEO.

Creative Digital Marketing Agency

Wow Consumers with Web Design

It all starts with a great looking website. Web design is of the utmost importance because it is visually appealing. It draws people in so that they are more likely to discover more about who you are and what you have to offer. Too many businesses throw up a template website to have a web presence without thinking about adding anything unique.


Consumers don’t want to do business with someone that looks like every other business. You have to show what makes you unique. Part of that involves branding. Our web design specialists will brand a website specifically for your industry and the individual aspects that make you unique in the marketplace. Various pages can be created in order to showcase the products or services that you have available.


Become Visible with SEO

Become Visible with SEO Search engine optimisation is an important tool so that you are visible within Google, Bing, and the other search engines. Most people use search engines than any other tool in order to find businesses they want to work with. If you aren’t on the first page of results, you aren’t visible to consumers who may be looking for products or services that you have available.

We have SEO experts who will focus on keywords, backlinks, and other search engine algorithms in order to help you with your ranking. This can improve your visibility significantly so that more people can find you and visit your website. From there, you can convert more people from curious consumer to customer.

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